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Superwinch EP9or EPi9??

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Ok based off of you guys advice and a little research I think the Superwinch is probably my preferred choice.

But what's the differences/benefits of the EPi9 over the EP9? Some places list the EP9 cheaper than the EPi9 but others have them the same price, what gives?

Or to put it anotherway, I know the 'i' stands for "integrated solenoids, but what are the solenoids, what do they do and why are they there........ :huh:

The EPi9 to me just looks taller, are there some other parts to the EP9 which aren't shown in the photos?





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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Wot he sasid^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

and tag on the end.... i.e. out of harms way away from nasty muddy water!

Go for the straight EP9 - it gives you future flexibility should you need it. With the EP9i you're stuck with what you start with (if that makes sense! :blink: )

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To be honest, there isn't much between the suppliers! They all equal out to about the same once you take into account their delivery costs....

It's show season very soon, so I'd wait. Mr Bowyer was very open to negotiation when I was waving pound notes at Billing!

Check outthe Goodwinch Website for his ever constant prices on these 2 winches!

OEC sell them, too, as do Winch Solutions and various other suppliers. Worth a phone round to get the best deals!

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