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Wipac halogen headlamp conversion kit?


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I have a set on the 109, they look good IMHO and not too bling. Quality is not fantastic - the bulb clips are a tad fiddly and the sidelight pilot bulb holder is naff, but for the money they're not bad. Time will tell how they stand up to off-road use.

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The trouble with halogen conversions is that going through deep water means it can get inside the headlamp bowl and takes the reflective material off (like a tide line). The headlamps would then subsequently fail the MOT on no beam pattern. I think water gets in where the sidelight bulb fits.


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That's true of anything that's not sealed beam, however there are a number of ways round it;

You can (if you're careful) drill a hole in the bottom of the reflector to let water out, although in my experience it needs to be quite big (more than 5mm) as you can get some quite mucky water in there. You won't be able to get it so everything comes out, but you can take the lights out and hose them out (!) so they stay clean and the reflectors last longer.

My dad runs two sets of headlights - one for using and one for the MOT. Since the truck only ever goes out to play and then comes home again, he's almost never out long enough for it to get dark on the way home.

You can try sealing your bulbs in with various potions, add protection to the back of the light, etc. IIRC Tonk made an extra mud shield to go behind the lights on his, dunno if it worked?

Bizarrely, Petal's headlights are halogens but didn't get any water in them :blink: none of us can work it out 'cos it's been more submerged than most things and there's not a speck of stuff in there. We didn't even seal them up because we thought it'd be like trying to stop the tide :lol: I wonder if there's some weird aquadynamic voodoo to the S2 grille panel? :unsure:

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Guest MJG
these are quite cheap from paddock www.paddockspares.com/pp/DEFENDER/Accessories/Wipac_Crystal_Halogen_Headlamp_Conversion_Kit_(pair)

is there a catch? any reason not to install them?

Just purchased a pair of these for my SIII. Very happy.... breeze to fit and much better light output... haven't had mine in any sort of depth of water so can't comment on the water ingress issue.

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