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converting disco diffs to defender pattern

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hi, ive recently managed to get hold of a disco diff cheap and need to covert it to a 4 bolt defender pattern. i was told there is a release mechanism inside that needs the appropriate thread bolt screwed in to release it. is this correct? also, having looked at the workings there is a small pin that locates the outside gear wheel (? sorry i have no pictures) on either side. the defender has a more substantial catch instead. is it possible to just swap the top cups of the bearings over so that i can have the stronger catches or will this muck up the set -up of the diff?

thanks for your help


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Guest diesel_jim

It sounds like you've got a later diff with the 3 bolt metal-astic joint jobbie.

i think it just unbolts and a normal flange can be put in its place.

i think... :unsure:

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on the disco one unbolt the flange and just replace it with the def one, you will prob need air tools or similar to shock the nut off though.

ref the end cups, i would leave them as is on the disco one, i have never heard of them coming off and being an issue so i would leave well alone. if you do change them over you will need to set the crown wheel backlash again.

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hi, sorry its a bit unclear. if only someone hadnt dropped my camera in a pint i could post some pics... but thats another story. :rolleyes: they are both 24 spline, the years of everything is unknown as the whole truck was put together from an assortment of vehicles before i bought it. the new diff does have the 3 bolt pattern and so it will need swapping over to the 4. the 3 bolt will need releasing internally as there is no external nut like the defender ones.

as for the end cups the pins look a bit split so will prop just remove and replace with stainless items to avoid taking off the cups.

hope this all makes some sense. thanks for the help and advice.


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I have a Disco 300tdi rear axle on my 90 which I got from scrappy.

I therefore needed to replace the 3 bolt system to 4 bolt so it would fit the old prop.

There is a peg stuck in the centre which covers the nut holding the 3 bolt flange to the pinion. I could not pull it off as no special tool so used one my favourite tools, the angle grinder. As I did not want the 3 bolt, I simply made some cuts in through it and the peg till I could get in under the peg and lever it out. Be careful not to cut too deep and into the pinion or nut!!!!

Once peg out, then get the nut off (can't remember how I did it as no impact stuff then, probably socket and large hammer!), and flange then fit new flange. I seem to remember there is also a thick washer I also bought that goes inside before the flange. The LR dealer did a print out from EPC which showed this spacer and the 4 bolt flange. Chuck it all together and tighten nut and all sorted. No need to mess with the inside of the diff or effect backlash etc.

Had no issues since done.

Without pics, slightly difficult to understand if we are talking the same thing but hope it is of use.


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