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Oil from ARB solenoids


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I'm getting a fine mist when the ARBs are disengaged,

enough after the MWWC to leave a trace on the seat box below the compressor

Manual says a mist is to be expected but excessive oil means new O rings time.

I've ordered the O rings and have some other axle work to attend to,

but that could wait if the O rings can wait a while.

the front locker is making a bit of a gurgling nose when operated but still engages /dis engages properly as does the rear.

Both breathers on the axles are clear,

A consensus of opinion will decide on a course of action.

just I could do with leaving it a while to amass a few more bits to fit to the axle and when time is more spare that it is at present.

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I'm getting a fine mist when the ARBs are disengaged,

When you are losing air through the seals then you need to replace them. IMHO. If the oil is spoiling Val's frocks you may do well to replace them sooner. :P


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I'd agree with paul - if the compressor doesnt keep cutting in when the diff is locked then dont worry too much. When they leak alot you also tend to get oil blown out of the breather pipes.

If it was the rear I'd be inclined to pull it anyway, but the front is more of a pain to get out (plus I dont use my front locker that much) so I'd be inclined to leave it until it gets worse, or you're pulling the diffs for another reason.


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Hi Tony,

Had the same thing happen to my front locker I left it for a while it seemed to be a lot worse as the oil got hotter/thinner I took mine to Dave at Ashcroft's for an overhaul he fitted new seals etc, I also had a broken cage so it might be worth you checking for that at the same time.

Ashcroft's fitted a new metal cage which they make.

You can buy a gismo to fit in-line that stops the oil going up to the compressor, from the people who make Sumo bars I think, but not sure how they work or indeed if they do.


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Tony, I've had my seals go very badly before (a trickle of oil running down the bulkhead after a couple of engagements) and they still engaged OK. I also wouldn't worry about differant noises. Both my front and rear sound very differant but work fine.

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