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starting issues AGAIN!!!!!


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well the funs started again, noticed the last day or two that sometimes when i turn the key theres a slight delay of about a second before the starter motor run's.

got up this morning and she was dead as a dodo, have dash lights and can here relays and i think the starter solinoid but dosent turn over.

now i have just fitted a new starter new alternator and a starter relay and it has been runing fine since (about a week).

so i removed the battery and had it checked at the local spares shop, it is fine and giving out full power. i also cleaned up all the conections and also the earths to the chassis put it all back and still nothing when the key's turned.

so i then unpluged the glow plug relay under the bonnet by the fuse box and she fired straight up, so turned her off re fitted the relay and again she started up, i turned her off and on a few more times and strted up fine...

im wondering if the glow plug relay could cause this problem, or was it just a coincedence that it started when i unpluged the relay, could something be drawing some volts away from the starter not allowing it to turn and unplugging the realy allowed a bit more power through

just seems funny that i must have tried to start it 20 times with nothing then the one time i disconect the relay she fired straight up..


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If I were you I would replace the relay and check the wireing at the fuse box. I had a similar problem on Lulu when she had a TD engine in her and it was fixed by replacing the relay/ and reseating the wires.



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Could also just be the ignition switch. When switched to start it shold also test light some of the warning lights (though I can't recall off hand which ones, check the wiring diag).

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I had simular problems, found it to be the earth strap from chassis to engine. when it happens again, connect a jusp start cable between negative on battery and a good earth point on engine like starter or alternator mounting, and try starting her up. If she starts then replace earth strap (I used old jump lead).


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This sounds like the dreaded 'Spider' problem rearing its ugly head again. Do a search on the forum(s) for 'spider' and you should be able to find a fix for this.

The clue is that there is a delay when you turn the key.

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