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Warn remote connector


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It's a sealed unit. Mine was also suspect....new one in Dubai was 80 quid!

So...junior hacksaw came out and gingerly I cut around the tubular housing, sure enough the wire had come un-soldered from the pin.

I re-soldered it together and then chamfered the edges around the two tubes. I then used a decent two-pack epoxy resin to bond them back together again. Jobs now a goodun.

Once set I filed down the excess resin.

Took about an hour.


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the warn socket on the end of the wander lead that plugs into the std warn solenoid pack. How do you get the thing apart? or can you buy replacement ends for them?


You can cut off the old plug from the remote lead and replace it with an IP67 plug / socket from the likes of RS components - part no. 246-8458 or 329-9102 & 329-9152 may do the job. These plugs and sockets are small enough to use on a flying lead. There are lots of other alternatives in the RS book, depending weather you want to replace the connection on the solenoid pack too ?



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