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Cruise Control


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Has anyone done this; and what system did you use?

I know that on Disco 2 Td5's without cruise you can reterospectively fit the switches as it is ECU driven; does this mean that the relavant bits are in place on a Td5 Defender or is aftermarket the only way to go?

And a brick for the accelerator is not an option!



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The guys at Safari Equip were telling me about the Defender aftermarket cruise control recently that they were about to launch to the LR market. This was for the post 2001 Defender Td5 only. Said it was going to retail for about £80.00. Didn't see the product in the flesh so no idea what it consists of or whether it's any good or not, but maybe worth giving them a call.

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Folks was browsing the web and found this interesting post RE retro fitting cruise to your td5 : http://www.landyzone.co.uk/lz/f8/retrofit-...trol-38970.html

Then searched here for any back up info cause the link on the above post seems to be dead.

Has anyone done it? Is it true? Cause I have a RRC with a Td5 in it and the RRC had cruise originally so I'm wondering whether I can just use the switches already in the RRC steering wheel???


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Theres a chap on ebay who sells defender cruise control kits - about £85, doesnt seem to contain much so i presume its already controlled by the ECU and this simply takes advantage of it

Just be careful about that. Mate of mine got one for his TD5 90 and it works just fine in every gear - until he puts it in 5th and it doesn't :unsure: I'm assuming it's the same Swiss seller...

Anyway, he's faffed about with all sorts - even putting a set of 205 tyres on it to see if the 265s we're causing the problems but he's now asked for his money back.

You are right though - it's just some cables and a couple of push buttons.

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