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HDI conversion...aftermarket, any experience ?


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As above really, anyone trid one of these aftermarket kits on a defender ?

If so, what kit and how good was/are they ?

Whats the feeling on mot implications as well ?


edited for spelling

One of the larger van 2.8 hdi have laods of go.

I'm thinking of going to the dull slow side..

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Er, meant HDI lights, as in xenon type thingys.......

HID or High intensity discharge is what you mean

A few electricians at work have converted "normal" headlights in everyday cars to HID using parts borrowed from Range Rovers etc

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we use HID spots - in terms of light output they are on a different planet to filament lamps,

only thing to be aware of is the legality side - it would seem HID upgrades are illegal in cars not fitted with self levelling headlights

the chances of you actually getting pulled and done for it though would be an entirely different matter :unsure:

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Damn, I hadn't put the HID info back on the site yet :unsure:

While I work on that, perhaps you'd enjoy

? :lol:

Having seen Jez's set in action (when not under small arms fire) they are massively bright compared to normal lights, even bling ones. The small lights are normal H4 bulbs on full beam:


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