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<_< Knobs who has one ?? on the Steering Wheel,and do you find it usefull.If so what part of the wheel did you fit it.I thought it might help me when reversing my trailer.Any pics would be nice Thanks Trevor

I had one on my Suzuki SJ410 (manual steering), it nearly broke my arm off-road - got binned!

However, have one on the Eagle racer and with power steering works fine :lol:

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I had one on my 109 for a while. They are a real thumb breaker and a few times I had bits cut out of my hands by it. I chucked it in the end. Might be ok with power steering though. I think the likes of Halfords sell them and they just clamp to the steering wheel edge with a nut and bolt.


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It was great on the trialler, but we weren't allowed to use them for speed events, due to the danger of breaking your thumb if there was excessive kickback. If you put one on, make sure it clamps over one of the spokes, so that it cannot twist around the rim.


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