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South Wales/Brecons laning, 3-4th November


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I have a weekend pass for 3-4th November so TroddenMasses and I are going to head out to Wales. Our outline plan is to stay one or two nights at Llanerchindda but if the new ownership has seen them slide downhill (not literally) or NERC has blocked all of the local lanes then we could head somewhere else, possibly even camping :o

I think the Gap Road will be shut by then? but I remember driving some really nice lanes around there with the first LRE.co.uk weekend up there, with Mr Henson leading our group (including Scotty’s RR which snapped a timing belt) – the same weekend that Tony C’s group found a Ninety on its side on Strata Florida.

Does anyone have any suggestions for pretty, gentle lanes for two caged Ninety’s?

Would anyone like to join us?

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Steve - you have a PM. If your maps are marked up I'd be very pleased to borrow them, thanks.

Chris - I liked the map room at Llanerchindda and the attitude they had to 4x4ers. If you've got any other suggestions, post up. I don't know where we're going yet, more surveying of where the lanes are is required first.

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Chris - I liked.... ....the attitude they had to 4x4ers.

I was not that impressed with the new people's attitude when we did not want to eat there but preferred to go into town. Some might have called their attitude and comments bloody rude, offensive and unprofessional. The facilities are good in terms of parking, washing off etc. but the prices have gone up and made other places look more attractive in my eyes.

The Severn Arms at Pen-y-bont has always been nice and keenly priced too with an en-suite pub. There are others.


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I was at Llanerchindda this weekend just gone. They've spent some money, it's improved over Nick's time there and we had no attitude from them when told that we were eating in Llandovery (perhaps they've got used to the idea that some prefer to eat elsewhere) although I did make it quite clear when I booked that we did not want evening meals. I enjoy staying there and whilst the new owners are not as laid back as Nick was they are making the effort and investing money in the place and I did see them with a stand at Billing !

My tuppence worth :)


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Well, we've replanned since TM has to put away his is chicken so we're doing two days around the north Glos area, hopefully enough to keep us busy and then maybe some fireworks and alcohol in between. Anyone want to join us?

Ta for the info above - we'll definately head to Wales another weekend so it'll all come in handy.

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Well, we took two days in north Gloucestershire and had a really enjoyable and relaxing time. Nothing at all hardcore or difficult, I only popped the difflock in to crest a rut and avoid some hawthorn. Despite this I bent two spotlights and the radio ariel...

I was also playing with my new 5MP phone camera - here's some photos (at 20% size!)








It was outstandingly foggy on the way back too so I was glad of my new rear lights - they certainly improve my visibility to others in gloomy conditions.

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