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relay Timer thingy


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Thinking about wiring my heated front screen into the same switch that does the heated rear screen.

Then using the 'on' feed from the HRW switch to switch a relay for the front screen. However reading other posts on here i reckon i probably need a timer of some sort on the HFS side of things so the screen doesn't burn its self out.

So can you get Relays with timers combined in them?

if not where would you get a 'normal' timer from and finally how long should the front screen run for, (5-8mins seems average off the HFS i have tried at work etc)

I would like the timer in case i forget to turn off the rear screen and so i can put the rear screen on and leave it on rather than just 'remembering' to turn it off myself!

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Guest diesel_jim
James, I've got a ex-RRC timer/relay for a front heated screen here, I'm not using it as I've got the correct Defender version. yours if you want it.

Ralph, could you post up the part # for the defender version? any idea how it differs from the RR one?

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RRC one I have here is grey with a blue label part number PRC6796 it has 5 spade terminals, how does 10 quid sound, IIRC thats about what I paid for it from ebay, same place as the link below.

the Defender one I'm using is PRC7303, mine is actually a Hella 4ra 12v 003 510-46. this is a 4 terminal unit.paid 14.55 inc vat/postage for this one.

1 here on ebay

JST can post it on monday if you want it :D

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