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Defender picture and measurements

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Has anyone got a picture or a diagram similar to this


But of a 110 CSW ?

I'm trying to plan an expedition vehicle, so I'm going to mock up the back with a scale model, to see if I can fit everything in.

So any dimensions etc also would be a great help.


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Andy - all you have to do is ask :P I'll wave a tape measure about in the 109 and get back to you. Hell, I can bring it to the next committee meet and you can clamber about in it yourself. I'm about Saturday if you want to come over and measure / take pics.

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similar to a 90 station wagon/hard top ---- load space length 1144mm or 45 inches, interior width station wagon 1400mm or 55.1 inches, the book doesn't actually show load length for a 110 sw, only the biggest slide in box diemensions which are

1100mm rear seats in place or 1400 rears seats folded forward, 1050mm high & 860mm wide.

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Thanks all - thats great :D

Fridge - I forgot about your 109 being virtually identical to a 110CSW - well in ready body dimensions anyway, and prehaps only that :lol:

This is what I've got in mind BTW


1/3rd + 2/3rd split tailgate - Disco 3 style to give a "table" and shelter for making a brew

Rear windows replaced with lockers to help access smaller items - I've taken inspiration from the TrekOverland build in the DEC LRM

So far it all fits in........

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Guest diesel_jim

There was seomone selling an ex electricity board set of side panels a while ago. on ebay i think, with the roller shutter doors in them.

If you give the defender-centre a shout, they have LOADS of ex SWEB and midlands 'leccy 110's and 130's up there (well, they did last week!) so they might have some of the "pukka" side panels with the doors in.

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