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how much???

Chris Groves

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Welcome to the Forum. :D

Vehicle valuations can be extremely wide ranging - it really boils down to what you can get on the day. Your best bet for a realistic guide is to look on Autotrader to see what people are asking for similar specced vehicles. Be aware though that they are obviously asking prices and not what they actually sell for....

Good luck,

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P38s of any type are not loved, a good classic which is older wioll often fetch significantly nmore than a P38 which is newer.

As with all things LR Condition is King, without knowing more re the overall niceness of yours I would say around £3300 + or _ and No I am not interested !

I have both heard and known of P38s being horrendously difficult to sell, and thus siometimes to do so the prices can be silly low


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Id say Nige isn't far from the mark. A mate recently bought a clean 1999 DSE for just under £5000. It's a bit of a limited market and unlike the classic there not being bought by as many LR 4x4 fans. I guess all the horor stories on the forums have not done them any favors. The other issues is the ECUs and gizzmos and nighnmare when they start to fail and seconhand spares prices are still quite high compared to classic spares.

That said if it clean and tidy with hstory to support the 80,000 miles it will still sell. If your not in a hurry to get shot of it try it in autotrader at £4500 ish you never know you might be lucky :)

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