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Got a Build Idea

Corrode Finger

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As it says i have an idea, and was wondering if someone had any pics of a Suzuki Vitarra as a rolling chassis, preferrably a swb version.

Would like to see some pics of the chassis with axles and engine, preferably from the back.

Have tried a few net searches but not found what i hoped for. :(

Please dont flame for the 'S' word, and thanks in advance B)

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I've no photos as a rolling chassis proper, but you might be able to get the general here.

Somewhere on difflock (possibly in one of my threads, there is a link to all the suzuki manuals on line - a bit like Rave.

Tell us more about your idea! I'll protect you from anyone flaming you!


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You are aware of my idea Simon ;) , however, i am not going into details on the internet..... just yet!! B)

I was after the piccies to try and get my brain around some 'i wonder if' thoughts.

All i will say, is that my plan has light weight as one of its aims.

Its an area that i have asked about before, soo not much of a surprise to regulars.

Also is the 'vitarra' shell attached in a similar way that a RRC shell is attached to the chassis?

ie... if i 'bobtailed' the body tub, it would still remain attached and keep its form, if that makes sense?


should of followed simon's link before asking the last question, and thanks, your pics are what i was after, i will go find the other link on difflock when i am not at work!!

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As you appear to be the forum Vitarra 'oracle', is the bulkhead and floor rigid enough to self support itself if the windscreen pillars and screen were removed, in the same way that the front of the donor shell is used in a RR based dakar? I appreciate that some sort of cage is then needed like the tray back trucks but thats not a problem.

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There have been a few Vit's chopped, i wil go dig around and find you some pics. I havent seen any running with pillars and roof chopped with out replacing some tubular bracing, are you planning to keep half doors or remove doors entirely?

I would reckon you are going to have to reinforce it in someway for use, it will certainly stay still whiel you work around it, as long as its not too rotten=)

founded it thread with some chopped vits

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I would reckon, depending on what you have to hand, that it would be easier to work around the bulkhead.

From what you say i guess you want to go sort of this route (see below) but with out even the rear wings? Sure you could make up a new bulkhead but why create all that extra work? Have you looked at the vitara Outbacks?

Another question is why are you choosng the vit?sorry just reread this and its sounds rude but and what are you planning to do with it, even stripped out and lightened i would make plans to uprate the front diff housing as its rather weak. Dont get me wrong i had a vit and loved it and think they ae somewhat underrated


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