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got british springs para's fitted to my soft top series3 they came with pro comp es3000 shocks which i duly fitted the ride is as hard as a whore's heart! been in for a bout 1000kms would have thought that they would"soften" a bit? is there anything that ai can do to soften the ride? (springs are two leaf front and 3 leaf rear)

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Presuming you've followed the correct tightening procedure - you know, don't tighten the spring bolts until everything is back on the ground - then maybe the 3 spring rears are too hard for a soft top.

Stick 4 bags of cement, or dozen blocks in the back and try again.

Don't forget that the Irish local authorities have "different" standards when it comes to acceptable levels of road smoothness.

Best of luck.


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just back from a 250km round trip still seems way to hard gonna try the bag of cement trick tmorrow so we'll see then!

Do you carry a load at anytime if you want softer can fit 2 leaf rears and es1000's but you'll lose load lugging ability

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