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instrument panel - all lights on.


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Just had my 1997 P38 serviced by local mechanic including renewing battery. Came back with all instrument panel warning lights on. Took it to be reprogrammed but garage reckons panel is irreparably damaged. Car drives perfectly but have no instruments at all. Does anybody know of a fix other than spending £500 plus on a new panel. Thanks for any help.

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I wonder if it is the panel, or whether it's the BECM that is instructing the panel to display all lights for test purposes. Having raised that spectre, it's essential to add that I haven't done any diagnostic work on the BECM for months, I just 'seem to recall' that it has this test facility.

I will say with more certainty that this isn't a normal result of changing the battery. Any other work done, outside normal servicing requirements? Any welding?

Your legal resort is to the garage that took the vehicle in 'working' and returned it 'broken'. Let's assume that he hasn't the skill, competance, money, or local network, to take it to someone who does know what they are doing.

If you amend your profile to include where in the world you are there MAY be another Forum Member who can point you to a localish garage that does know 38As, and I don't mean the nearest Dealership. That's a MAY, not a WILL.

OTOH, the Forum with the best reputation for 38A knowledge, or at least, a larger number of 38A interested people, some of whom know what they write about, is the www.Rangerovers.net 4.0/4.6/P38A forum. It's North Americam biased, but has an International readership, so again it's essential to say where in the world you are.

Good Luck.

PS, You can buy and fit a second hand instrument panel, but make sure the seller warrants that the recorded mileage is lower that yours. The mileage is stored in BOTH the panel and the BECM. The two readings are compared and the low one updated to the high one.

Obviously the same applies to a replacement BECM, although it is possible to have these set to 'virgin' state BEFORE it is installed, when it will pick up the mileage reading stored in the panel.


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Return to the mechanic who has messed it up.

He either rectifies it at his own expense or pays for the rectification work.

If he refuses to do so then sue him for the cost of repairs - and the cost of vehicle hire if necessary - through the small claims court.

There are good guides to the Small Claims procedure on the web which I suggest you read.

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