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Defender Propshaft Issue

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My 90 has a disco 200tdi engine fitted, and im persuming i have the original lt77 g/box and lt230r t/box fitted as the disco g/box wouldnt fit.

my front prop has lots of play in the front u/j, so i bought a 2nd hand prop thats supposed to be a lt77 prop upto 1993, but went i got the old one off last nite the new prop is shorter?

i measured the two and got these measurements,

Original Prop, compressed 670mm, and extended 690mm

2nd hand prop, compressed 630mm and extended 650mm

all rough figures but shudnt be far away!

can anyone explain what ive got fitted or what i have bought?

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b*gger just seen your post Ian, you still need those wing bar dims? i completely forgot - sorry

Na, its ok now, i spoke to ciderman but he's struggling for steel, but ive found some local, so going to have a crack at them myself i think!

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so am i right in thinking any props from lt230's will fit the front, other than v8's?

No, that's incorrect. Defender 200tdi front props are longer than 300tdi front props, by about 40mm.

It sounds like you've got a 300tdi front prop (which is also tha same length as a Disco II double cardan prop), and both are 40mm shorter than the standard 200tdi Defender front prop.

Have a look here

Paul :)

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