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Tube bending software


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I seem to have ordered a more grown-up bender:


I was just wondering what you reckon to the various bits of bending software available - mostly Bend-tech.

I tried a freeware app from JD2 - but it's naff.

I just wondered if the any of the paid software is going to be any better and hence worth the money?

If anyone wants to make me an offer on my Staffa push bender (cost me £125 from eBay last year) I might be open!


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I found a free 'Bend-Tech EZ' package online, its only a trial version but seems pretty good.


its not as much use for the tubela type bender though, as there is still quite a lot to get your head around when translating the measurements onto the tube, it suits the JD2 style bender perfectly.

The trial version (i cant remember what site i downloaded it from!) only allows one type of 'tooling' and 'material' and is only the 2D package

I can stick a copy on disk if you wanna have a play around with it to help make up your mind!


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Thanks chaps.

There are four versions of Bend-Tech - any ideas which one I should go for. They range from $70 to $400 with increasing capability.

The only thing I would really like is to be able to import/export to cad - but you only get that on the $400 plus a $100 upgrade - which I think rules that one out. Would have been handy for stress analysis.

Will your new bender bend 2" CDS tube?

Aparently it will cope with 2" Chromemoly in 1/8" wall - but I've only ordered dies for 1 3/4" and 1". Don't think I would go for 2" again for a cage - way too heavy. Prob cheaper to go for more exotic material (T45) and less of it.


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What does this program do? If you have CAD already, I think you know all you need to know imho.

Simon, has your bender got a mandrel facility?

The bender does not have a mandrel - which limits the minimum wall thickness. Apparently it will do a good job down to 1.8mm wall in mild steel.

The idea of the bending software, as opposed to regular CAD is that it has an understanding of bend allowance etc. You can design a cage based on the space it needs to fit in to and what it needs to fit around and the software will adjust the lenghts and angles to suit.

It then spits out a list of bend angles and distances to the start of each bend so you can mark the tube, carry out each of the bends and you will likely end up with what you hoped for.

Perfectly possible to do without, it just saves wasted tube and time.

Thanks to everyone (15 of you so far) who have made various offers for my Staffa bender. I think what I'll do is stick it on the classified forum in the next few days with more details then it can be the first person to make a decent offer armed with the facts.


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