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Exhaust Manifold


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Whilst at Nige's this afternoon, he commented that it sounded like the exhaust blowing. The car didn't sound any different to me, but five minutes away from there, it started blowing like it didn't have an exhaust attached. :( :(

Had to continue home with it blowing, and started to investigate...

On taking the splash tray off, I looked up, into the exhaust manifold :blink:

The joint above where the pipe bolts to the Manifold had completely separated! :o

It should look like this:


But it looks like this :(


The joint below the oxygen sensor boss has compeltely come apart:


So I have a few questions....

Has anybody seen this before? I have never read about it...

Does anybody think there would be any harm in just welding it back together?

I really need the car back together for monday, and as far as I know no-one sells Freelander Exhaust Manifolds on sundays... So I will likley re-use the gaskets too, anyone see any harm in that???

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Hmmm <_<

Welded it up and put it all back together yesterday. It's a relatively easy thing to get to and work on, which was a refreshing surpise...

I used a thin smear of fire putty on the mainfold gasket though... we will have to see how long the cat lasts... <_<

I asked about the gaskets, as they are a 2 layer metal type gasket rather than a composite or paper based one. I suspect that without the fire cement it would not have sealed at all.

Anyone got any idea what the manifold costs to replace? I suspect that with the integrated cat it is shockingly expensive???? :o



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common fault on these manifolds mark, right across the k series range, rover, mg and lr. if you want a laugh, rev the car from under the bonnet until hot and watch the manifold ;)

welding them back up is perfect if you can weld :P

i`m currently building a turbo`d k using the same manifold with the same `modified` broken off cat!!

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Ah, so they are supposed to go a nice orange glowing colour then??? :P

Seems to have remained intact for a week so far with no problems, so I guess I just need to wait for it to go again, and then weld it back together again!

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Looks like the weld is to one side of the joint to me. Perhaps the exhaust was only held together by interferance fit and not the weld. With re-using the gaskets, as long as they aren't damaged, then a thin layer of Fire Gum or similar will be fine.


I agree with Les as a welder of 15 years.

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Well, since i posted originally, nearly 2 years ago, the repair has held, and never been an issue since.

We sold the car a short while ago, so it will not be concern of ours, but I can't see it being an issue again.

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