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effect of springs on ride quality of rr classic


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Hi all

I had a post up the other week asking advice on buying a rr for my wife as she has a very bad back and we live at the end of a rough track. Well, having taken on board the advice (thanks) and decided to go for a range rover classic, the only decent one ive been able to find anywhere near us is a 300tdi classic converted to springs only. The problem is that the springs on it are police spec, which, while great for going round corners at speed (not really an issue in a 300 tdi!) is no good for us as you feel every bump in the road. The guys selling it have offered to put softer springs and oil filled shocks on but Im not sure how much difference it will make. Obviously the logical thing would be to test another classic with the right springs but I cant find one nearby and dont want to miss what is otherwise a great car (if some what pricey). I did a search on the forum but only found stuff on going to firmer springs. Any advice?

We compared it to a standard P38 which was better but I dont really know what to expect from a resprung classic and how it would compare to a p38. Im getting very confused!

Anyone in South-West Scotland got one we can try?



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The worst thing I did with my old SE was to put the police spec ones on the back. I should have bought std as the ride became very harsh on the back, really spoiling an unladen drive. But as I did a lot of towing back then it seemed the right thing to do.

The std progressive springs are very good and work really well, so I think you'd be ok.

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I've just put new Britpart Yellow HD springs (std height) all round with new Britpart shocks.

They are compliant springs and I can vouch that they are a good ride. Not harsh. :lol:

Came as a kit from Paddocks. Let me know if you want more details.

I'm in Hampshire but still welcome to come down and try it! :rolleyes:

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I have the same springs as Dr Rob on mine and have found quite the opposite. The ride became very harsh and, whilst there is 'enough' flexibility for off road, it would benefit from softer springs.

Police spec ones (as Deano has mentioned) detract from ride quality unless you are heavily laden for the majority of the time.

If it's the only thing stopping you and the seller is willing to put a new set of standard springs on it for no money, go for it.

Just my 2p...

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Mine has been converted from air ride to what i believe are standard rate springs (done by a previous owner) as the ride is quite supple.

Yes, it can get a bit fussy on pot holes at 30-40MPH but not bone-jarring, more 'jollipy lollipy'. You will get lots of body roll on corners as a result of standard rate springs.

This is a trade off with long travel compliant suspension - ironically if you were to drive a sixty MPH over the same pot holes you probably wouldnt notice them at all.

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