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Reseating tyre


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split Stazzies, 16x12's on 5 studs, no need to worry ever again (haleigh looooooooooooo lya)

Ive got some coming over in the spring if you wanna bump some on?

Hmm, might do that. I'll have a think about it. Price wise they're pretty competitive and they are beautiful.

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i watch a programme call extreme machines or something like that and there was a bit in it which had this defeneder in iceland with one the tyres came off the rim so they got some lighter fluid sprayed some in the tyre and got a lighter and the can wich they started spraying at the tyre the set it a light and the tyre popped back on, but it dont always go right :(

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Well, I can say I have been there and done that. Long, long ago when Paul Wightman was fitting tyres to his first Panda 4x4 (145R13 IIRC :) ) and the bead on one tyre would not seat and hold air. We did not know about the ratchet strap trick but had both seen Motorworld with the icelandic tyre fitters. We did not have lighter fluid to hand but Paul had some EasyStart in the workshop so we tried that. I am sorry to say that it worked as expected first time and seated the tyre beautifuly without killing us or doing anything dramatic. IIRC those tyres are still working fine on his present Panda so I guess the EastStart does not do much damage to rubber.

I would NOT recomend this to anyone else however, it is potentialy dangerous and could cause serious injury or worse. Remember, this is essentially an explosion in a confined space and you know what that means.

On the subject of liquid Oxygen and BBQs, I am sure that I once saw this demonstrated on TV - school science class, Royal Institution Christmas lectures etc. - with just a single BBQ briquet, soaked in liquid Oxygen and lit remotely. The resulting bang was described as having the same explosive force as a stick of dynamite. Frightening.


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