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Defender clutch pedal box

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Just out of interest, what is the difference between the pedal box on a td5 and earlier? Could a td5 pedal box be adapted to use on a earlier LR? I have a new earlier master cylinder, so could this be easily swapped to make it compatible?

(I am converting from auto to manual). Setup is for 200tdi Lt77 4cylnder box.

Otherwise i am interested as above in a clutch system for early LR. This being pedal box, and metal pipe/fittings. I plan to fit a new m/c and flexible hose.

Any thoughts?

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i think it will just fit straight on, i dont believe the masters are any different less the electical connections on the lid for the td5 anti shunt thing which you wont need/want anyway.

an early box goes straight onto a td5 bulkhead any way.

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Ive got a 300Tdi/TD5 clutch pedal box on a series 2a, it was a direct replacement for the original.


Does the td5/300 pedal come with the specail atatchment that suppose to make the clutch effort easier?

My friends one doesnt always come out and the clutch stays on!!

I prefer the direct old type for this reason!

Can you confirm?


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