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Is packing a new swivel seal important?


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Just reading back over the Haynes after doing the O/S swivel today. Didn't pack the new seal with heavy grease like it says. Big no no?

Les doesn't do it in the Disco recon in the tech archive. Am I ok?

Oh and do you add more shims for more resistance or take them away?

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I didn't realise you were referring the main swivel seal. I don't see the point in packing the seal with grease - it swims in EP80/90 or One Shot anyway. I just smear grease on the lip of the seal - same as any other. I'll edit all my posts to make it look like I always do it :unsure:

Les :)

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If one looks carefully ............... the new seal is provided pre-greased with a very, very thin layer on the inside edge of the seal surface........

{whisper mode off}

Also, there is no need the grease them when using the Teflon coated balls swivels ............... and they are the most common replacement as chrome balls are very yesterday and un-PC.........



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I haven't had to replace one yet, so I don't know. I have noticed that the coating thickness does tend to vary though - sometimes it's light grey and sometimes almost black. Considering that Teflon is black - it makes you wonder how many microns thick the coating is. I imagine that once scratched or chipped - it'll start to rust the same as a chrome ball. I would have thought that chrome would be a tougher coating - seeing as how it's metal.


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I'll get 101nut to do it - he's the one moaning pointing out a technical error :(

Sorry Les. On a technical point I'd like to point out that both you and me replied at the very same instant (though I obviously started first!! :P ) so technically I wasn't pointing out an error but answering the query posted based on considerable stinky, ep90-fisted swivel seal replacement experience!

And besides, this is a thread about swivels and I'm sure the term "grease" has been mentioned on several occasions without any "Oil you heretic!!!" noises emminating from stage left ... :rolleyes:


And whatever people think, it's obvious that lovely, shiney, chrome balls (full of oil) are sooooo much nicer ... :ph34r:

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Well I'm literally just in after finishing them, 10pm on day 2 :lol: I'm not laughing on the inside I tell you.

Got No. 2 Swivel finsihed went back into the shed sat down and saw the stub axle guard thingy (the one with the lock tabs on it) hanging up where I'd sprayed it :angry:

Then thought back and realised I hadn't done the tabs on No. 1. Undid both hubs again and sorted it and then in my fatigue let the hammer stray and put to tiny marks on the new swivel when doing the swivel retaining bolt tabs :( Fortunately they really are tiny and are very far round near the base of the ball.

Gotta say though RE chrome Vs teflon I'm surprised at how shiny the teflon is with the smear of grease from the seals. Furthermore gentlemen I couldn't give a rats ass how pretty they are once they don't leak when I finally pluck up the nerve to fill them with oil...

Oh I have a conundrum: when I took the drive flanges off clean think oil poured out. How the frick did that get in there, as in how could you fill it enough that id't flow out without it flowing out before you got the flange back on??? I just packed those babys with grease.

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