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PAS Steering Box input shaft seal replacement


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The input shaft on my steering box is leaking fluid. Is it possible to remove and replace the PAS box input shaft seal without removing the steering box or input shaft?

This is on a Classic Range Rover without aircon or any other obstructions to the steering box. It a standard ladrover 4 bolt box so the same as Defender or Disco.

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Do you mean the shaft at the bottom of the steering box that the drop arm is connected to?

You can replace the seals, and there's a kit available for it. This type of repair is awkward to do with the box still on the vehicle, but I have done it, and it's awkward. Replacing the seals generally doesn't work at all, or only for a short time.


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I think FITZ is referring to the input shaft Les, where the lower steering UJ joins the box.


Yes it's the input shaft the one the UJ connects to from the steering column. I would not normally bother and would fit another box but the one thtats on it has no play so I thought it may be worth trying if it could be done without removing the box. Looking at the manual there a ciclip which should be easy to get off then a couple of sels the only thing is how to remove the seals without removing box or the input shaft. I awas wondering about just running the pump with the circlip removed??

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I'm currently having the same problem. The seal on the input side is leaking and I hope I don't have to take the whole box out (again). 

Has anybody tried to replace the seal with the box fitted in the car? (mine is a 110 rhd btw)

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