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300tdi disc axle


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Sorry if this is the wrong forum. Not vehicle specific, as the 300TDi axle is off a '96 90 :ph34r:

I have the possibility of getting a 300TDi axle (with locker) complete, for a '92 Disco, can I just fit the diff n shafts or will I need to fit the complete axle?



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300TDi Discos had a large rubber donut between the diff nose and the prop shaft to help take out a lot of the clunk when taking up drive. Therefore the diff flange will not take a standard prop shaft fitting as found on 90 et all. But... no reason why you couldn't change the diff flange.

Not sure if the setup is different for a locking diff, but worth a look just to be on the safe side.


Dan :)

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Thanks for the help.... :blink::lol:

:whisper mode on:

The diff is a detroit locker

:whisper mode off:

The old 200 axle has new bearings and brakes and I don't really want to change them around.

So thought, a diff and shaft swop would be the quickest/easiest option.

So can i do it?

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