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Hmm, i'm think more stealth behind the bumper, or nicely set within rather than some bolt on the front fugly thing!

So do freelander owners never get stuck, or do they just get out the shovel rather than winch themselves out??

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This is about to go to Ebay

two drop pins boult to the bumper and you them have a M6000 fits to a flat ish plat with a ring which the drop pin fits to...

This bumper would hold a cradle no problem with a little fettling


Don't spose you have any pics do you Jules?
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Not for the D-Lander Jules....thats got a custom designed water jet cut aircraft ali plate coming....designed in SolidWorks by me (at work!) and being fabbed as i type...well, this week, will arrive friday :D

I'm thinking of a "normal" freelander, for replacing the 90!

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Yeah, so want to Geraint's mod to my wife's TD4. It would look great with a Superwinch on the front...


Harvey runs Celtic 4x4 now ... www.celtic4x4.co.uk

The Camel and G4 winch arrangements are slightly different. On the Camel, the demountable winch sits on a plate with hole for the Dixon Bate pin. On the G4 it is on a box tube bracket that fits on to a reciever, again front and rear.









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what about mounting a winch to some chains then chaining them to the front recovery points (possibly need to uprate the mountings), then running it on long cables, ive allways liked this as an idea for an electric winch as it could be used front and back, and kept safely stowed away when not in use. There may be problems with the idea that older wiser hands may bring out tho:D

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