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Dial Type Torque Wrench


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Anyone not to far away got one I can borrow please?

want it for this weekend, can collect resonaable distance and leave a donation for the loan



Hi Tony, if you can't find one to borrow, you could buy one of these pretty cheap online or most motor accessory shops even Halfords are likely to stock them. I am assuming that you have a torque wrench for the initial torque setting.


Hope this helps,



Edited to add: My apologies if you meant the small low range torque wrench for timing belts as pointed out by John T

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The thing in Tim'slink is an angular gauge of which I have one. However, by the term "dial" type torque wrench I guess you mean the more expensive gauge with the clock type dial to tell you what torque you are applying. The alternative is the cheap bendy wire type torque wrench where the "bendy" wire points at the torque on a scale.

The dial type is usually used for setting timing belt tension whereas the angular gauge is for things like head bolts.

I have a bendy wire torque wrench as well as the angular gauge and am in Wellington if you want them.


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yes that would be a superb idea for holding an adjuster at 11ft/lbs whilst tightening an adjuster...


do you have those pics of the three type of ball joint yet?

g1t - you have got a good memory .... :angry: right, I'll do my best to bring the mag in and scan the article tomorrow.

wish I hadn;t posted now. :(

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