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2.5td in a Series II


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I am hoping to go and see a Series 2 with a 2.5td engine tonight, with a view to buying it. I have heard these engines commonly get cracked heads - is this true ? Also, is there any way spot one that is about to go (without stripping the engine!). The owner reckons the engine had done about 120k before it was put in the S2.

Thanks in advance,


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see how easy it is to start from cold and once running take the oil filler cap off and see if it blows like a chimney.

also take the intake hose off both sides of the turbo and check the spindle doesnt have excessive play (engine off obviously!!!!!) and there isnt a steady stream of oil working its way into the intake manifold.

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i wouldn't say common to crack heads, more common for pistons to crack.

they're more renowned for breathing heavy, check breather for oil mist

Well, I knew it was cracked something!

Thanks - will check oil breather.

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If you read on the Glencoyne site, he offers the information that the block was improved after a certain number, 'eliminating' the problem suffred by the early engine.

Turner Engineering will also be able to offer advice.


Thanks - the guy still hasn't rung me back, so I don't even know if I can view it yet :(

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