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Lambourne Woodlands


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would love to but that would mean driving the truck!!! anyway will be out at AWDC event, apparantly ALL the big boys will be there!

Surprised you have time to compete. What with all the repairs you are doing at the moment :P:P

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Remember that night we all went out on the Quantocks - in the snow...

:lol::lol: Yes , god that was some years back , i remember waiting at the end of Black Monkey Lane for 3&1/2 hrs for the Rac to bring a fan belt out so that we could carry on , but when they arrived at 2.20am with a wrecker and no belt we called it a day ,

Should of stayed in the Swan all night , They sold Taunton Traditional , Mmmm ;)

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MMmmm, sound dodgy, Quantocks sounds southwest for something naughty! :lol:

The car park at Lydeard Hill cothlestone , IIRC was a site for dog walkers , or was it doggers , We used to always see a mettalic red TD5 parked up there with a private plate :ph34r::ph34r:

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