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Safari snorkel - for a Puma

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Does anybody know if there is a Safari snorkel available (or coming) with the correct plumbing to fit to a Puma engined Defender? I am aware that Mantec make their odd looking "plastic jobby" for the Puma just wondered if there were any others?

Google was no help and there is nothing on the Safari website.

Ta :)

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I hadn't, but I can't see one on their site for the Puma? I don't think a Southdown is an option anyway, for other reasons.

It isn't for me but somebody wants to order one from work and asked for a Safari but I guess the "normal" Safari won't fit a Puma's plumbing. I've just emailed a supplier of Safaris to ask anyway, just wondered if anybody knew if they were available or in the pipeline. If nothing is planned I guess it will have to be a plastic jobby (unfortunate name IMHO!)

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I know a Safari has been fitted to a Puma, but with a tad of sodding about to make it fit !!

To be honest, the Mantec has grown on me, :) and around the £135 mark, reasonable value !

Whilst the Southdown is a good unit, (have one on the Hybrid), perhaps a tad too rural for a Puma !

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I could say so much after the tone of the last email I received, but I won't...

could that be linked to the initial response and description you gave of some Southdown kit in a public forum? I dare say that didn't help his business.

Edited to add - after rereading the thread it was maybe the 4 or 5th reply on getting it that wouldnt of helped, first reply was complimentary.

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