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Went off-roading up in Western Massachusetts over the weekend in the snow :D I have done this particular trail before and it was generally moderate with some tricky bits - without snow. With snow, it was completely transformed. Very tricky indeed - luckily the Swampers seem to do quite well in the stuff. Having never driven offroad in the snow, it was a bit interesting. Rather more like sand than anything else. Climbs seem to want high range and soem revs.

Maybe our Canadian posters can offer some tips?

Anyway, one of the Jeeps came a cropper down in a stream. C-clip Dana 35 axles are rather unfortunate!!!



The halfshaft breaks and your wheel falls off. :o Those are only 33" muds so not an enormous stress load but the stream was very tricky with the rocks covered in ice. No spare halfshaft, so we had a bugger of a time getting him up out of the stream and down to a flat area with an access route where I could get my trailer in and take him out to civilisation.

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So if you break a halfshaft at all, the whole wheel comes off? Where is the C-clip retaining the whole lot - inside the diff? (I'm not familiar with the design)

"The Dana 35 has a 7 9/16" ring and pinion and uses one piece axles (2.625" in diameter). Starting in 1990 they switched to an inferior C-clip Dana 35c. The "c" in Dana 35c does not stand for C-clip, it stands for custom. They are custom because they are shipped incomplete from the Dana factory to Chysler and Chrysler completes the build. The two versions have different shafts, bearings, and carrier. There is a C-clip elminator kit available for the Dana 35c. The Dana 35c is probably on the small side for hard four wheeling with larger tires and lockers. If these are your intentions, you might be better off swapping in a Dana 44 or better."

All that I know of these things. Comes from a Jeep website. As far as I know, the c-clip is in around the backplate, so one way or the other - broken axle = no wheel....

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Great pics RPR!!!

AFAIK the C-clip is at the outer end, but when you break an axle (halfshaft) the wheel is no longer supported properly as the semi-floating axle supports the weight of the wheel, and it can now mov a lot at the inner end. Presumably the extra movement causes the c-clip to fail.

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