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Written by me in another forum re this car.

Actually, it's interesting, in a 'special vehicle' sort of way.

I see longer stretched American cars driving round, although as I've mentioned before, they are short of doors, so moving around inside must be a real pain. Presumably they are hired as Chav party wagons, or something.

Also as a Special Vehicles we see 127" Defenders used as hearses.

'Any' old car can be used as a Special Vehicle for a Wedding (or Civil Ceremony, if you insist).

With this Range Rover, and the use at the rear of the longer doors from a 2 door, it seems to me this could make a good 'Brides Car', with easy access for the big dress, if the rear seat is positioned forward of the rear wheel arch.

As Party Transport, with the section of body inserted between both side doors, then a folding rear seat, reversed to face backwards, could be installed behind the front seats, making party going accommodation for 4 to 6, plus the driver and navigator.

With the rear seat positioned forward of the rear wheel arch there will be space for two rear facing seats in the luggage compartment, suitable for children going to the party, or as pages going to a wedding.

Borrowing ideas developed to meet the MPV market, all the seats could be made easily removable, and a complete 'posh wood' unit slid in, to create a Range Rover hearse. Air suspension, naturally, would lower the vehicle to enable easy access for the bride etc, while raising it for easy coffin access when in hearse mode.

I haven't put a tape measure over the car in question, but it's a useful ideas prompt if someone is looking for an interesting alternative scheme. As a hearse I wouldn't dream of doing all the service, rather I'd be offering it as a 'Special Vehicle' to more mainstream firms so they could meet special requests without them having to invest in a specialist vehicle.

When early retirement is always an option, one has to keep eyes open to opportunities of generating an income stream to tide one over until the main pension kicks in. Or to augment it if the need arises.

Some positive thoughts.

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I've fixed this exact same vehicle when it was not long in this country and had very few miles on the clock.

It had broken the drivers front outer cv joint. 4 - wheel drive as well, and the manufacturers tried to blame the owner for the breakage on him engaging 4wd. Like you would have anywhere else but on the road to engage it.

Anyway, HUGE car, high and you need a bus to get from one end to the other.

Only a 4-door, which makes it look a bit ridiculous. The interior is something else, very well though out and it really does have everything. Apart from the headroom you could probably live in one like some kind of wierd pikey! :D

I want one anyway :blink:


Les. :D

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