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Newbie with some questions


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First of hello all!

I have just bought a 1998 freelander 1.8exi with 81000 miles on the clock.I have acouple of questions for you that i hope you can help me with,First one is that i have noticed once or twice when pulling away from a stationary position i have heard a loud bang/thump coming from what i think is the rear of the car.Can anyone give me some pointers as to what this could be?Also it has a leather interior and the 2 front seats are slightly worn.Is there anything i can use on the leather to hide the age cracks in it and put it back to looking a bit better?Also the plastic trim is looking a bit dull and has lightened over the years.What would be the best product to use to put it back to its origional black colour?

All info would be appreciated.


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[Can't help with the mechanics but the bumpers is quite an easy fix.

You have a few options but the one that has worked the best for me is to get some autoglym bumper and trim cleaner - its a green looking thick gloppy liquid. put it on with a small piece of sponge not a cloth as it says. rub it in and leave it a while before cleaning off the excess with a soft cloth. you might want to wear gloves too as it gets under your nails and into your skin and is a pain to get off!

this should cure your going white bumper problem.

don't whatever you do use used engine oil!

you can also use a hairdryer on a very hot setting - don't ask me how this works but it does.

some people also use peanut butter.....no i'm not mad - its to do with the oil in the butter! just clean it off well or people will be licking your car!

Leather seats - never heard of anything to fill in small scrathes but a good clean up with some household leather cleaner aka 2 piece suite would help - make sure you get one that nourishes the leather (moisturiser soaks in and helps to prevent further drying out)

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Ok why don't you use engine oil, cos my mate does on his polo and has no problems, I drive a series so my bumpers are metal, and my sister never cleans her freelander let alone worries about the bumpers so it doesn't make a lot of odds to me. But i am interested as to why its a problem

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