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internal gear box parts

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hello al

iv had a bit of a whine from my gear box in 4th and 5th for a little while now as well as a not so nice noise from my transfer box in low range.

well after the weekend out and about started to jump out of reverse quite a bit.

then got really stuck in quite a deep hole and while trying to get out quite a loud crunch noise

then no gears and no movement

now the gear lever feels like the only gear that is there is reverse all the others seem blocked and reverse still wont move the truck

this evening when i got home from work iv removed the box

drained the gear box oil and not alot of metal stuck to the magnet so was hopeing to split the box and repair it

any ideas on where to get the parts i might need from

also gonna do the transfer box due to when i drained it all that came out was muddy water

any help muchly appreciated

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I suspect it would be cheaper/more economic to find some secondhand boxes - but then you'd miss all that lovely fun with the rebuild. Good luck

Am i correct in thinking that specail tools are need to work on/repair LT77s?


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well iv taken the box apart today and there are no teeth left on the reverse gear and lots of loose bits it the caseing that i have no idea where they came from

think it could just be easier and less hassle to get a recon unit and fit it

only problem is my box has a bit of the case missing so probably wont get the surcharge

anyone know of a place to buy one whitout having to pay the surcarge cost if your box is broken

thanks for the help so far people

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If you are going for a recon, based on your location I would recommend Ashcroft Transmissions.

Over in Luton / Dunstable area.

I personally would not recommend Legs. The reconditioned LT85 I got from there only lasted 20k miles...

Ashcroft unit installed now and it's quieter than the Legs unit ever was.

This is only a personal view and many people travel all acorss Europe to buy from Legs... I've been there numerous times for remedial work and he's always got customers.


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Checkout the Ashcroft transmissions website for all the specs of different boxes plus useful guide to identifying what you have in the first place. LT77's were in all sorts of different vehicles but really only use one from a defender to keep it simple (Disco has different turret arrangement plus the different bellhousing). Only disadvantage to recon is the ££££! :( Its such a major spend I might be tempted to find a whole vehicle (mot fail) with a good transmission and then sell all the other bits - quids in! :P

But do look at using a cross drilled input gear (drill your own) for the transfer box - (any box prior to 96ish had non crossdrilled giving potential failure point in stripping the mainshaft - search the forum for addtl detail)

I've never had the time to delve into the innards of an LT77 so cant really comment on rebuild complexity - once did a series box and that was straightforward, but the LT77 is a different beast - maybe someone else on here can comment...

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