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Gwyn Lewis side exit exhaust

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I am looking for the following from my 300TDI Defender:

to use the space where the rear exhaust box is for gear storage


to get a bit of extra zip from the engine

will fitting a gwyn lewis (or similar do this) but will the draw back be a v noisy vehicle or anything else I have missed?


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I fitted one yesterday, easy to do, I just mig'ed mine togeather as I carnt tig. I havent taken the car out for a spin as its still in bits but ran it on the drive and its not overly noisy when you rev it.

I would recomend one

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l90truck, Do you not find that heats up the Rear wheel arch on long drives? I looked at having mine exit there but was nervous about the wheel arch melting with it being plastic.

Anyone have any other problems with removing the rear box? I guess the centre silencer filters it enough for the MOT?



EDIT: I see now that is where the Gwyn Lewis Version exits so it must be fine :D - Anyone have the price of the GL Variant? Notice it's not on the website...

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if your gettin one made get it made so it sticks out slightly about 1" or 2" this will get rid of the heat an also you wont end up with a big black stain down the back side like i do

but then mine is slighly tweaked up so black clouds are always a problem :)


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