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Wading Plug - Quickie

Les Brock

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Am I right in thinking that a tap for a wading plug would be.....

M14 x 1.5 :unsure:

Before I order one, to allow for the holes for oil drain holes in the bottom casing of my 8274's(in a Alloy block welded to the bottom before some one says it's to thin :lol: )

Oh....and while I'm at it where is the best place to fit a 6mm breather on the casing without hitting something.... in the top cover, plate adj motor...... :unsure::unsure:

Ta ! :i-m_so_happy:

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Thanks looked there !

You say M16 x 1.5.....G&R fasteners say M14 x 1.5 so I'm just checking ;)

Looks like the breather can go where you like :P, just wondered if anyone had wished they'd put it somewhere else than where they did...to stop me making the same mistake :lol:

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that is a WiLL Warne measurement Not one I supplied

The top housing I'd copy the one I did rather than the brake side as it keeps the pipe work out of the way

since I fitted it(now removed for twin motor) I did get any water into the gear oil.

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Thing is I have a M16 x 1.5mm tap at home, fits a M16 nut to perfection...yet the wading plug falls straight in the nut without even catching the thread !

Hence why I went top G&R this morning to get one....chap was gone 10 mins (hopefully not having a brew <_<

) alas they have none :( ...but did give the the M14 measurement

RS Components do....

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Tony's right , I'm a plonker. M14 x 1.5 it is (just been to check) :rolleyes: Can you correct the post, Tony???

Les, if you want to borrow the tap (and/or an M14 x 1.5 helicoil set I've got - I tend to use this instead to give a better thread) just let me know.

Will (going off to hang head in shame)

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