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Cardan Propshaft (Scorpion?) UJ replacement


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Evening - a little bit of help please.

I have a (I think) Scorpion Cardan Propshaft, the UJs were a little worn, I have replaced the front one (part no STC 3466 I recall).

I need to replace the rear one (STC 3466 again I think) and the one with the whole through for the ball joint - does anyone know the part number and the method of extraction/replacement?

Prop is on a Disco 300tdi if it makes any difference.

Pics as below



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first time ive seen one of these up close and now wondering why are people not making their own ?

that looks very very much to me like the double cardan bit is just two end flanges welded together with a piece of steel sandwiched in between. (but youve just said something about a ball joint? where's that then? and what's its purpose?

could do that and send it to the engineers for trueing up!

certainly know what Im doing if i have vibration issues!

sorry, I know that's not the point of the post, I shall go and sit in the off topic naughty corner!

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There is a ball joint which ensures that the two joints at the "double" end both move by the same amount, otherwise it would be a bit like somebody with no knee joint i.e. would flop about all over the place and then snap off :)

No idea on the one pictured but AFAIK on the genuine LR one for a D2 you can change the UJ but not the other bit with the balljoint in. Which of course is the bit that fails...

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Will also email the Propshaft clinic to see if they can help as well!

I might see if I can find someone who can press them out carefully and see if I can get it "reconditioned" ie new needles and grease - might give it some more life.

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