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mystery hose 200tdi rocker cover

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Snagger    197
On 16/10/2008 at 6:34 AM, western said:

probably deleted as it wasn't a great effect on the crankcase vapours passing oil mist back to the sump, seems maybe the cyclonic breather was more effiecent.

It was in addition to the cyclonic unit, which vents to the induction system to release pressure.  The hose in question merely equalises pressure between rocker case and cam shaft gallery, and allows oil to drain down.  In practice, I can't see it doing much as all the 2.25 and 2.5 four cylinder engines, petrol and diesel, achieve this through the valve push rods anyway.  Maybe some Tdis breathed so heavily that the crank case gases going up the push rod tubes prevented oil draining down, swamping the rocker case and starving the cam followers and shaft?  Late 19Js had an additional breather hose from the core plug behind the cam shaft to the induction system, suggesting the above problem on turbo charged engines, but perhaps LR found the 200Tdi less prone as it didn't crack the piston crowns and head as regularly.

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western    211

all 200 & 300tdi have the cyclonic breather, either way will work, but wouldn't bother if you haven't got the stub pipe in rocker cover & the flat cover plate adjacent to the FIP. 

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From the 200TDi's I've owned/fixed I've noticed the early engines have the extra breather but the later engines did not. However the extra breather pipe was reinstated on the 300.. When I rebuilt my 200 I blanked the extra pipe off and I have not noticed any difference.

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