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Paint - Nice 'n' cheap?


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Ive got some surplus 2 pack in particularly bizarre colours if you want to collect it

Hi Jez,

You should have a pm shortly, not only am I lifting your ideas from the pig, begging for paint as well!


If you go to your local agricultural supplier most sell Tractol paint. For less than £20 you could buy some Howard Orange that wouldn't be a million miles away and it's a nice paint to spray

Thats a good idea Steve, I could try them for undercoat as well.

I've got half a tin of magnolia emulsion, any good ?

Was looking for Whiskey Cream Really!

Thanks Guys

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Right, from a previous post, the seed has been set for Tangiers orange on my Rangie Bobtail rebuild, but...

If anybody has surplus paint (most colours considered) thats sprayable, to sell, please pm me, Im building to a budget, and if you dont ask, you dont get!



if you can collect ive got about 10litres of 2-pack orange,thats close to tangiers, also some reds, & silver



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