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zinc plated item that needs painting


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I have some items that were zinc plated subsequently modified/welded

I need to protect the welded section, I 'll enquire about replating tomorrow

until that occurs are there any suitable paint coverings that'll suffice?

zinc paints


anything else recommended?


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Tony, ive painted all my steering bars & diff guards etc in 2K & considering its underneath there standing up well, if they were painted in a solid colour High Solids(2K HS)not metallic as they are, it would not come off at all, to increase durability of the paint you reduce the bake tempreture & use a slower activator, it increases the strenght of the paint surface more than you would believe, other than cars we also paint sports boats & Jet Skis, the skis we do for the RNLI get a lot of abuse, but the paint hardly ever looks marked(they come in ever 2yrs for a refurb), if you ever want any bits painted how ever large or small, give me a call :)



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There are severla 'cold galvanising' paints around; glavafroid as you say. Rustoleum do a spray zinc paint, and Wurth also do something called Zinc Hell which is designed for painting welds on previously galvanised things. I havn't used galvafroid, but I have used both the others, and they work well. The rustolem came from an industial paint supplier, and the Wurth stuff came from City Electrical Factors!

Other than that, as has been suggested, either a special metals primer, or an etch primer, and paint it as normal. Halfords do a tin of etch primer which is very handy to have in the (coshh?) cupboard...



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Used Galvafroid to spray up the bulkhead for my 90 rebuild and primed & sprayed over the top. So far so good.

Think there is a warning about over painting using certain paints on the tin.

Was really surprised by the weight of the tin, must be all zinc in it.

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