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Heritage Run


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Hi All,

I have been busily booking in the Heritage Run and we need more vehicles.

We are aiming to get one vehicle from every model fro every year that is was in production. I.e. 1991 woould have A defender, Discovery and Range Rover ect.

The entry price is £20 and for that you get weekend entry to the show for 2 people, and the plaque.

The entry form can be found at:




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You've said what it is and when, but where does the run go from and to? It says you get an entry to something at the end - what? Is this something like london to brighton?

Neither your post nor the site linked to give much away - perhaps if they did there would be more takers?


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I bet there are no 2004 Tdi's there :P

and no I ain't coming - it's a bit far :unsure:

Anybody who hasn't been to Gaydon should take a look - it's well worth a visit. All sorts of stuff there - I went there a couple of years ago with somebody I know who worked for Land Rover, he took a morning off to show me around we went in there and to SV and a couple of other bits, but for some reason the production line was closed so I didn't get to look around that :(

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The post above are correct,

The Heritage Run is a covoy from Lode Lane to Gaydon, and London to Brighton sort of thing from a LR's birth place to Spirtual Home. It takes palce on the Sunday of the Heritage Motor Centre's Land Rover Weekend and is organised buy the Association of Land Rover Clubs and the HMC.

This year we are trying to do smomething we believe has never been done before with the line up of vehicles.

The Show itself was the first of the year for a long time, but i believe Tom McG's Record attempt in Towcester now takes that crown!

The show for the last 2 years has been the annual show for LRM, however the show this year is a HMC headed event, with lots of support from LRW (see the 2 page add in this month edition), Land Rover Classic Parts, and Land Rover Experiance.

I have put a thread on the events colum with details of pricicng etc.

If anybody has any question please feel free to email me on:




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