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Driver's seat - lost shape

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Over the christmas break the we spent 15 days in Tasmania, fantastic trip, found our best camp site ever, but in the "transition stage" from Sydney to Melbourne, the drivers seat in my MY2000 Td5 110 lost whatever shape it used to have :(

The inboard wing around the kidney area has flopped out, such that the edge of the seat touches the cubby, where there was 3" of clearance before. There is also a loss of lumbar support.

Any ideas? or should I take it to a professional?



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The seat cushion will have split inside. They do this quite a lot....

thanks BogBuster, I'll have to use the "mother-in-law-lives-in-scotland" shipping company.

and here's one for you...


The town of Penguin, nth coast Tasmania - The Big Penguin

All the rubbish bins look like penguins as well :o

Although - there is also a healthy rookery in Manly on the Sydney Harbour side.

We see fairy penguins all the time when racing up that end of the harbour

and it is not uncommon to see them comming up the beach looking for chips.



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Never thought of penguin rubbish bins for the tourist here, got a photo of one? I'll suggest that to somebody :)

What about these two? you can either have the joy of putting it down their burrow

or shoving it down their neck while they wave at you :blink:


and a whole lot more photos on;

ABC photo exhibition



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