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engine noise poss turbo on 300tdi defender


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Hi I have recently put a 300tdi engine in a defender. I drove it home and noticed a lack of power, and when I put my foot down there was no kick when the turbo usually kicks in. And instead of power there is a large squal noise. I think this mayb be a prob with the turbo but not sure. Anybody have any ideas? I do have a spare turbo from a previous engine, but not sure how easy it is to change. Thanks

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Pull the intake hose off and wobble the turbo shaft - should be a little side to side and none axially. If loads then the turbo is buggered....although that doesn't mean that is the source of the noise ;)

Ok il pull the intake hose off and give turbo a wobble. what else did u say, should it move side to side? and how do u no if its buggered? thanks

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I agree with white90 - far more likely to be a loose connection/damaged pipe/holed intercooler than a buggered turbo - they don't often go wrong...only 1 moving part! Get the engine warm and get someone to put foot to floor for a few seconds while stationary - the turbo should spool up which should make any holes easy to find if you have your head in the engine bay. It is ok to take it to the limiter, but just don't hold it there!

In response to which way you should wiggle the shaft though - side to side should be some play, in/out should be none. TBH though, even if there is a little in/out it doesn't mean it's broken - you will be able to tell if it is so serious it is making a squealing noise. The bearings will feel rough with large amounts of play, and you will probably see contact marks between compressor and housing.

Turbos are easy(ish) to change BTW - pipework off, inlet manifold off, downpipe off, exhaust manifold and turbo off, then refit. If everything undoes easily, should only take an hour or so.

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