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R380 on 200Tdi defender.

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hi all.

is it possible to mate a R380 onto defender 200Tdi. dispite the R380 6" longer.

can you use the 200tdi bell housing? but then wont the main shaft be longer?

cheers sam

it will not work with the shorter bell housing, you can get r380 short stick gearboxes but they are rare and expensive. you could mount your engine further forward on the chassis i think but that is not a small job. If i were you i would stick with an LT77 or look out for an R380 short bell housing. hope this helps

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I've got a Defender 200Tdi/R380 combination, my engine is in the standard location with a short [11cm mating face to mating face bell housing, IIRC it's mt old LT77 part] & a short mainshaft R380, same as this one They are difficult to get hold off now, best speak to Ashcrofts or stick with the LT77S.

ok thanks iv got it in consideration if or when my gear dicides to carp itself. but if i was to go to effort to move the engine 6" foward then i concider zp auto box.

i will keep a eye out for one..

cheers then.

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