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Whats on the way out now?? !!!

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This may be my usual paranonia and quite possibly a variance within 'normal', but I've noticed that my lights, (including dash instruments, stereo and headlights) subtley illuminate brigher for brief seconds and then return to their normal pokey dimness. This is apparent when travelling at higher speeds, ie above 50 :o but certainly not at tickover.

It is an everso subtle but quick light change, and seems to follow no pattern, but it is definate. I have no knowledge of electrics (and some would say Landys!), but I would liken it to some voltage fluctuation.

I hear the laughs echoing now ashamed0001.gif

Is it normal on a clapped out 1989 Defender? Or will I be reaching into my everso deepening pockets again??

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My only guess would be a dodgy voltage regulator on the alternator. You probably want to get it checked as high voltage will cause problems. Of course it may be that the alt is producing a low voltage and just occasionally wakes up to full oomph but worth checking as neither is desirable!

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