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Yeeees! I have a Series again :)


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Some may remember my old blue Series 3/2 I had had for around 9 years which, unfortunately I sold about 2 years ago (especially you old died in wool Shire LRC members). A big mistake in someways but I needed the money at the time for legal issues so poo happens?


Well I am no longer Series LR'less and had a delivery yesterday. Sitting outside Casa Cartman is a 1964 LWB IIa 2.25 petrol. Resplendant in several peeling coats of LR green which are revealing the orginal RAF logos underneath. On a 1 tonne chassis with all springs replaced 6 years ago and wiring loom 5 years ago. 12v negative earth and alternator fitted.

Currently set up as a truck cab but I have the front hoop, center and window rail plus a very nice condition canvas. Just need the two side rails for above the door, rear hoop and side bars and then the canvas could go on for the Summer (if we get one?).

Including the RAF it has had only 3 owners fron new and a the last one was a mate who has used it for the last 6 years to buzz to and from work - 78k miles and genuine AFAIK. No offroading ;) So current MOT and of course tax exempt but I need to start with fixing all the little niggles.

  1. It has twin tanks but the RH one has only been used so I need to check whether the LH one is sound. Fuel sender fitted on the RH one is a 12v? So apparently the fuel gauge works but works inaccurately as both tanks have a sender and the gauge fuel level is a sum of the two. Anyone bring me up to speed with that one?
  2. Brakes are poor (compared to my old S3) so I am going to strip all the hubs and renew where nec and get them adjusted up.
  3. Need to fit the old rad fan back on.
  4. Original Smiths heater is there but has been disconnected. So not known whether that is coolant tight yet?
  5. Headlight high beam indicator on the dash works in reverse. Apparently the headlight wiring is back to front?

So that is my starting list for now. Then there is the bulkhead. It passed the MOT every year but there is obviously rust. Chassis is very sound and the rear x-member has been changed at some point to a 1/4" thick steel U-beam :)

I'll post some pics when I can :lol:


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Sounds a great truck :)

Only thing I am pretty sure about is the fuel sender.... on the fuel changeover tap (normally under the drivers feet) there are switches which change the feed to the gauge from one tank to the other.

Oh, and 12V +ve earth..... with an alternator, I thought that wasn't possible.... (or at least not done in the automotive world) someone will correct me if wrong :)

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CARTMAN! Great to say that name again.

Paul, nice to see you back in the fold of things and with a series. ;)

I enjoyed all the work that you did with the last series and looking forward to see the progress on this new one.

ja, post a few pictures when you can.



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Oh, and 12V +ve earth..... with an alternator, I thought that wasn't possible.... (or at least not done in the automotive world) someone will correct me if wrong

Oh, cockrels. Yes you got me it was a typo ;)

Yep there is a switch with the head through the bulkhead and the pipework etc. in the engine bay. Switch on the selector has no wires on it and is broken. More investigation req but as the truck had a new loom I doubt that was military and prob didn't allow for twin tanks.

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