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Santana Air conditioning


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Hello All. I am a new owner of a Santana PS-10 (Anabal). I currently live in the United Arab Emirates and there is not a Santana dealer anywhere. Does anyone know if Defender parts are completely interchangable with the Santana? I took it in to a mechanic and he told me I need a new air conditioning compressor. I was wondering if there is an alternative to waiting on ordering one from Spain. Any help here would be great. Thanks in advance.

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You can probably salvage the same air con pump from another car and might be able to swap the pulley and mounting cradle to fit your engine.

There's probably a label on the side of the unit - if you google the details on it you can probably pick one up off another make and model?

No expert on Santanas, but they don't always use land Rover engines, so the pump may not be a Sanden.

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you might be able to use a different compressor (as long as the performance figures are similar) but be carefull if you mix and match other components.

The condenser, compressor, evaporator and expansion valve are all matched to each other to provide a working (and efficient) system. if you mix bits from different systems it might not work at all...

I'd try and find who the pupm is made by (Sanden or York is most likely) and try to track one down through other motor factors...

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