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Harmon Karmon slowly falling apart


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Hi, my 1999 D2 Td5 is fitted with the multi speaker Harmon Karmon stereo system. The problem is, I'm running out of working speakers! First the two woofers in the rear door popped, then the left hand front pillar tweater went and now the left front door tweaters gone :(

So, the question is, what do I replace them with? New I presume are too expensive, second hand aren't cheap either and may be ready to die too, but what about cheap speakers from another source?

Your ideas, and or donations are welcome

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I'd be wary of using second hand speakers - the foam rubber surround that supports the cone has a life of about ten years - after that they just fall apart. I've had a similar problem with my '98 Rover 800. In the end I just bought new speakers and adapted them to fit the Rover enclosures.

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Thanks guys, it seems track down some suitable new after market ones may be the way forward.

Yikes. I'll be p***ed off if my eleven speakers go the same way in another couple of years :rtfm:

Well, i'm down 4 speakers out of 11 now and that makes what was a very nice stereo pretty much un-usable.

Halfrauds ok to if you get the rights sales child.

I went in there earlier for some number plates, two problems, they only had 4 members of staff on including the parts fitter, so I waited 35 minutes to get served and the staff all had an IQ of 45, combined...

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