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window regulator question


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hi all my disco (98 tdi) has a clunking noise from the nsf window when being raised once its at the top.

is this a problem with the motor? (torque sensor failed so dont shut down?)

or a tooth missing on the regulator itself?

how hard to change? (have done them on many rover cars in the past)

thanks rob

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The regulator comes without the motor - you swap it over. I did one a couple of months ago and has to remove the top door frame, then the glass, and then the regulator/motor assembly. Take the door card off and see what's going on when you operate the window. I've seen the glass channel completely rotten, which clunks because the glass is loose in the track. Regulators are tinny rubbish things, so it's likely to be the problem.


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This will be of little help, but I just thought I would pass on the tale of a true bodger.

I bought my Disco about a year ago. I knew when I bought it that there were a few issues with it cosmetically. One of these was that the drivers side window would not go up or down. As I opened or closed the door I could hear a knocking sound. So, being naiive, I assumed that the bolts had come out of the regulator and that it was swinging around inside the door.

So, no big problem. Set aside half an hour to take off the door card, bolt the regulator back on and away to go.

Er, no!

When I took the door card off, I could then see that what waas making the knocking noise was the length of decking timber that the last guy had used to wedge the window up while the glue had set around the upper frame!

Thankfully, I have a good friend who just happened to have a regulator lying around. So, once I'd spent a day scraping glue from the window and upper frame, we were cooking on gas.

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Take off the door card, lower the window half way, ease the window out of the channel and lift up. Support it with a couple of bits of wood through the numerous holes in the door. You can then operate the window mechanism as see what's happening.

Both the motor and the channel can be replaced through the door without completely removing the glass and the door top, it just takes a bit of patience and a lot of wiggling to get a replacement channel in...

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