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Help needed on wheelbase options!!

R Bates

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I've got an 88 inch Bowler Tomcat that i've bought to rebuild for P&P days instead of using my Rangy which is my every day motor.

I've bought a tdi Discovery to use as a donor for the project but now cant decide weather to fit the engine/gearbox's and axels etc to the tomcat and keep it 88" or cut the frame off the tomcat and fit that to the disco chassis so its 100".It will only be used off road and not made road legal.

Can anyone tell me the benefits or their experience of either wheelbase off road? Will i run into problems with the rear prop being to short for good articulation if i keep it 88"?

Also if i move the radiator to the back what do i do about the oil cooler?

Any help is appreciated as it's driving me mad trying to decide!!


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Plenty of people p&p in 88" leafers and have a good time......

As do loads in 92.7" 90's..........

The "ideal" wheelbase for challenging seems to be 100" this year....

Fridge will advocate 109" as God's own wheelbase.......

If you are trailering it to events then why not put the rear axle where you want it and adjust the spring mounts to suit? A lot less work than chopping up the Disco. A pair fo gigglepin arms would facilitate this option too....

At the end of the day it will be what you want from your truck. Short wheelbases are more manoeverable but can be a problem on steep climbs, longer wheelbases are more stable but less nimble in the trees. Longer wheelbase has more storage.....etc.etc.

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I have a home built 80" coil sprung space frame trialer (which is road registered) - good fun, very competitive, very agile, two seats, go anywhere, but no room:

100" home built Landrover (and yes it is fully legal - I built it many years ago and had it inspected with the DVLA) relatively light, very nimble, spacious enough for two to travel to France, Spain and Morocco in over the years and fairly comfortable:

110 I use for work, as it left the factory, plenty of room, tough as old boots, will climb (nearly) any slope without any drama, but a little large as a play thing:

For all round fun and useability, in my opinion, you cant beat the 100" wheelbase.


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I used to have a 88" lwt hybrid which was ok with a v8

but found with a heavy diesel upfront it tended to lift the rear

wheels on anything a bit too steep,

it was ok once you got used to it

recon the extra 12" would make it a lot more stable

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